side projects

  • 🥜 Co-Building Run Wild Peanut, a community and apparel store for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. #Stay cozy and adventure on. (2023)
  • 💟 Building Date Ideas, a web app powered by AI for generating customized date ideas for any occasion. (2023)
  • 💹 Co-Building Temettü 2.0, a new version is on the way that will make the following dividends experience better. (2023)
  • 🪙 Building Infie, a mobile app for tracking all kinds of investments in one place. (2023)
  • 🏗️ Co-Built Mockup Generator, an online tool that helps you to create free mockups in seconds and saves a lot of time for bulk mockup generations. (2023)
  • 🖼️ Co-Built MakePrintable.AI, a web app powered by AI for creating high-resolution printable assets. (2023)
  • 🦊 Built Go Gift'em, a web app to explore curated gift ideas for many interests. (2022)
  • 🐦 Co-Built Wingo, a daily planner mobile app for kids. (2022)
  • 💹 Built Temettü, a mobile app that helps you to follow the dividend calendar and track the dividend payments of your stock investments. (2020)
  • 🤿 Built Bucketmap, a project to map some bucket list ideas to discover around the world. Here is the story. (2020)
  • 🧶 Co-Founded MUKAVVA, a design brand that we created together with my two close friends in a very amateur way, an adventure inspired by nature and our travels... (2018)
  • 🚀 Created Hayallerimde Ben, a storytelling project that I started to share my experiences through my bucket list journey between ages 18 and 25. (2013)
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🇩🇪 Berlin, Germany
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