facing this meaninglessness courageously

Today I finished reading Optimistic Nihilism: A Psychologist's Personal Story, and as always I am in love with a quote. The book itself was also a good read if you are quite stuck with searching for the meaning of life. If you are already a believer I'm not sure if it would make sense but still, it might be an interesting point of view to see.

"Life is not about faith or 
obsessing about the future, whether 
with hope or anxiety. 
It's about simply existing,
with courage, honesty and authenticity.
The philosophers seem to believe that
`What is the meaning of life?`
is a silly question.
There is no objective meaning to,
no extrinsic purpose of,
and no legitimate transcendence 
from the human condition.
The most meaningful
experience starts with
facing this meaninglessness courageously."

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