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This week I have been on sick leave and not productive at all since I somehow managed to catch a cold after a lake trip, but there is no reason to not have anything good that can come out of this. What I enjoy the most without spending that much energy... making lists!

I have always been so interested in games up to a point but after the pandemic, my interest has significantly increased and I am simply in love with playing especially story-driven games. They are another level of experience to me but I also enjoy different types.

Here are some video and board games that I enjoyed playing a lot, and I will be adding new ones along the way.

video games 🎮

Game Release Year Meta Score Played On
Road 96 2021 78% Xbox
The Last of Us Part II 2020 93% PS4

ecstasy by crooked still

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut 2019 97% Switch
Backbone 2019 72% Xbox
Red Dead Redemption 2 2018 97% PS4

"We can’t change what's done, we can only move on."table top by daniel lanois

Detroit: Become Human 2018 78% PS4
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2017 97% Switch
Inside 2016 91% PS4
Kentucky Route Zero
TV Edition
2013 87% Xbox
The Last of Us 2013 95% PS4
Limbo 2010 83% PS4

board games 🀄️

Game Release Year BGG Rating Players
The Corporate Anniversary
Oliver Borgmann’s Last Celebration
2021 8.5 1-6 playable once
The Grizzled
Armistice Edition
2018 7.8 1-4
Secret Hitler 2016 7.5 5-10
EXIT: The Game Series
The Polar Station, The Catacombs of Horror
2016 6.9 1-4 playable once
Dixit: Odyssey
2008 7.2 3-6
Munchkin 2001 5.9 3-6
Carcassonne 2000 7.4 2-5
Catan 1995 7.1 3-4
Diplomacy 1959 7.0 2-7
Monopoly 1935 4.4 2-8
// Ordered by release date descending.
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